The trends shaping culture and economies

The Future 100 2021 – The Trends Shaping Culture And Economies

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By Linda Ginger

The Future 100 2021 – The Trends Shaping Culture And Economies. One thing Covid taught us is that consumer behaviours and attitudes accelerate in times like these.  Having early sight into those trends enables businesses to tap into the opportunities through innovation so they can ride on the massive wave the trend creates. 

Wunderman Thompson, released their “The Future 100 2021” report earlier this year, previewing 100 bitesize trends and changes to track in 2021 and beyond.  

Not unpredictably, technology’s influence on culture and economies continues to accelerate.

Conferences, festivals and brand launches turn to gaming as the chosen 3rd space to reach existing and new audiences.

Retailers merge entertaining and eCommerce into engaging live digital experiences.

But amid the opportunities, cautions arise, as issues such as data sustainability and deep fakes dominate conversations around how to create a safe and durable digital ecosystem.    

Data sustainability has not been anything I’ve considered before.  Sustainability has traditionally been referenced in climate-change conversations, focusing on physical waste, not digital.  

The volume of digital information stored at data centres is swelling, accounting for 2% of global electricity consumption, and a figure predicted to quadruple by 8% by 2030 according to Bloomberg.  

Every email sent and every Google search, whether on a computer or mobile phone, has an environmental cost.  According to a report by the Shift Project think tank, digital technologies are responsible for 3.7% of greenhouse gas emissions – a similar amount generated by the airline industry.  

Given digital is accelerating to accommodate remote work, online shopping and an expanding gaming industry, the environmental implications are huge.  It is predicted that ‘data sustainability’ will be included in the corporate climate change goals over the next decade.

So, from this ONE trend, an opportunity exists for businesses to innovate, to develop data sustainability solutions that reduce the impact of digital information storage.

There are 99 other trends that could provide your business the opportunity to innovate and successfully ride a wave of change. 

BONUS MASTERCLASS | A Taste of Wonderland: Discovering business opportunities in chaos and uncertainty

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Friday 3 September 2021 | 8.30am – 11.00am AEST | Cost $99 including GST

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More than a year ago, the world fundamentally changed, and the future, as we knew it, went out of view. We are now in a long period of profound transformation that has only just begun to show itself in terms of impact. As our world is getting ready to emerge from a global pause, the massive cracks and chasms in our current socio-economic and political systems are being revealed.

At the same time the uncertainty and unknown are opening doors to new possibilities unimaginable before the pandemic. As the strange becomes familiar and the familiar strange, a radical reimagining of business is ready to emerge. This session allows you to safely fall down the proverbial rabbit hole to explore a new land of wonder and possibilities.

This ‘taste’ offers a series of experiences, based on Alice in Wonderland, to get a sense of the rapidly changing landscapes and where exciting new possibilities exist.

This is a simple interdisciplinary creative process that offers new conversations, epiphanies, relationships and ways forward for radical change, with reimagined business leading the way. The three key takeaways from this unique experience facilitated by International speaker Hilary Van Welter are;

  • Understanding new global trends
  • What these trends mean to you and your business
  • How to leverage opportunities through innovation as we emerge from a changed market

Benefits are:

  • To emerge from Wonderland with a new perspective of global opportunities for your business
  • Gaining a global perspective of how the world economy has been disrupted and is creating opportunities for innovative businesses
  • Hands on research into the changing dynamics of the world and the role business can play in this transformation
  • The wisdom of the collective insights, innovation and a feeling of comradery and being in this sea of change together. New approaches that can be implemented immediately as well as cultivated for the future

PLUS Attendees will receive a free Product Launch Diagnostic Evaluation Session

Who should attend?

CEO’s, Operations Managers, CTO’s of medium size businesses, industry agnostic, located in Australia with strong entrepreneurial leadership ambitions, Entrepreneurial types.

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