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How does regional Australia transition to new industry opportunities?

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A guest blog written by Sue Trewin, Regional Australia information hub.

Speaker SueSo regional Australia is ready and waiting for the population move. But what does it offer for the city resident thinking about transitioning out of their urban environment? 

How do we get people to make the move? Not only must regional Australia provide the liveability people are looking for – community, space, affordability, lifestyle – it must also provide the comfort zone to make that important and critical decision to pack up the family and head off for the ‘good life’. 

This ‘aha moment’ of sudden realisation and inspiration may be different for everyone but they are all based on providing a solution – be it employment, business opportunity, community hub or entrepreneurial support system. 

Who provides the solution? And how?

Regional and rural Australia is heavily reliant upon the role of local government in the economic development of their area. It also has a deep community connection through the influencers, enablers and local representatives who are active in the promotion of their region through various means including Chambers of Commerce, business and sector groups, social connections and representation on associations such as the RDAs. 

Developing the solution to attract new business growth and future industries for economic prosperity will require the structure of a conversation derived from multiple sources but joined together as one.

Who wants to start an ecosystem?

Join Future Industries Australia at 5.00pm on Tuesday 11 May when I host this discussion with Chad Renando, Tracy Scott-Rimington and Julie Spicer as we explore the challenges of economic development in regional Australia and how we get people together to support innovation in order to attract the entrepreneurs, industry, organisations, and small businesses of the future.

This is a discussion for local and state government representatives, business organisations based in regional Australia, regional sector representatives, ecosystem supporters, those who have already had success in regional Australia, and people who have a great idea they want to start from their new home in regional or rural Australia.

Our aim is to pitch a collaborative solution to further explore.

Who wants to move?

Research undertaken by the Regional Australia Institute found that 1 in 5 residences are looking to make the move out of their urban lives. The main reasons for moving regionally include traffic congestion, day-to-day stress and anxiety, cost of living pressures and the desire to reduce debt. 

I recently attended the RAI national summit which explored why people are making the move including the remote working revolution, infrastructure improvements, and broadening employment opportunities beyond the traditional areas. Further outlined in ‘Time to Try the Good Life’

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