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Promotion through Podcast the power of words

Podcasting is a freely available consumable. Should you waste your time on something that you’re giving away for free? Why spend your very precious time crafting and producing a podcast when people will not pay you for your sweat, tears and time?

The answer is simple and complicated at the same time.

Simply put – you get instant credibility. Full stop. The mere fact you are putting yourself out there, talking about your chosen topic, people will listen and you become their beacon of knowledge. For the more complicated reason, well, you’ll need to attend the Future Industries Masterclass for that.

If you listen to podcasts, are wondering how you can lift your profile in your industry, and aren’t afraid of a little hard work, then this is the session for you.

After this session, you will come away with everything ready to get started on your podcasting journey. Don’t sign up if you’re not prepared to seriously dive in, because you will leave ready to hit record and release your voice to the masses.

Understand how podcasting could be used as a powerful marketing tool
How to get value out of podcasting
Be ready to press record and release your first podcast

Future of Crypto Economy

In the third of three sessions on the future of the crypto economy, delivered in partnership with Fire on the Hill and Fast Future, Rohit and Kapil will present and discuss the results of our Future in Focus survey, covering our key findings on:

  • Individual investment in crypto assets now and in the future
  • Attractions of, and barriers to, crypto investment by individuals
  • Future individual investment strategies and preferred asset classe
  • Benefits of, and barriers to, corporate adoption
  • Corporate crypto adoption strategies
  • Current and future levels of corporate crypto investment
  • Broader blockchain adoption strategies
  • Attractions and drawbacks of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)
  • Country adoption of digital currencies as legal tender
  • Discussion of the findings with participants.
Core Components of the Crypto Economy

In the second of three sessions on the future of the crypto economy, delivered in partnership with Fast Future, Rohit and Kapil will provide a deeper overview of critical components and aspects of the crypto economy.

Key topics to be covered will include:

  • Explanation, exploration, and examples of the range of crypto assets that are emerging
  • An overview and examples of the major categories of applications that are emerging or on the horizon
  • Discussion of key factors driving future adoption
  • The potential for, and implications of, future market volatility
  • Scenarios of how the crypto economy might evolve in the coming years
  • Exploration with participants of what these developments could mean for individuals, society, businesses, and governments.
An Introduction to the Crypto Economy

In the first of three sessions on the future of the crypto economy, delivered in partnership with Fast Future, Rohit and Kapil will:

  • Introduce the core concepts of blockchain and crypto assets (currencies and tokens)
  • Highlight key reasons for the rapid growth in interest
  • Outline key risks associated with crypto
  • Highlight the limitations of government issued fiat currencies that crypto seeks to address
  • Provide an overview of different categories of crypto assets and applications
  • Discuss the potential of the crypto economy to drive a transformation of traditional financial markets, and
  • Engage in a vibrant dialogue with participants on the topics discussed.

The global pandemic and the rapid uptake of communications technology has redesigned the future of work. This means emerging industries are faced with a number of challenges and opportunities when it comes to sourcing and attracting talent with the skills that will be required to deliver on your business strategy. How can Australia’s future industries tap into the workforce migration? How will your recruitment practices have to pivot to attract, hire and retain talent remotely coupled with managing flexible working, that is now becoming de rigueur? What skills will your leaders need to be successful in this new world of work?

Communicate and innovate. You need to do both

Learn the importance of having a strategic approach to communications and marketing to help you focus to find, win and keep clients and build brands that increase shareholder value. In this masterclass you will learn the value of investing time in your brand strategy before you get busy [or side-tracked] on building your business.

Catherine takes a plain English approach to help de-mystify brand strategy and break it down into three simple steps.

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What do you want to be famous for in their eyes?
  3. How are you going to get there?

Catherine encourages clients to take a discerning approach to marketing investment until they understand the answers to the above three questions.

Why Cluster? Australian Hydrogen Innovation

In February 2021, NERA announced a $1.85M investment in 13 hydrogen clusters across all Australian states and territories as part of a drive to establish a nationwide hydrogen cluster, which will foster a multi-billion-dollar globally competitive hydrogen industry. This successful, national collaboration of a new Australian industry sector provides an excellent case study of the role innovation clusters can play in forwarding an industry.

This session brings together some of the key stakeholders involved and will discuss how the cluster aims to establish a global identity and recognised brand for Australian hydrogen technology and expertise. One which seeks to develop a supply chain, reduce overlaps and identify gaps in the development, deployment and commercialisation of new hydrogen focused technologies.

Raising Capital: Navigating the A – C of startup funding

Join start-up mentor and angel investment strategist Paul Howdle, Cleantech Investor, Mick Liubinskas, Investible and CleanEnergy & Cleantech Program Director at Brinc Australia, Tuan Lam to discuss the ‘A – C’ of startup funding. This will be an opportunity to share experiences, find out who is doing what and make new connections on both sides of the investment spectrum.

Raising Capital Webinar

Most startups get going with sweat equity, founder funds and some support from family and friends. However as they progress, most need to raise external capital. A typical seed stage round of $500,000 – $2m is often sourced from a mix of angel investors and early stage VCs. A Series A round of $3-8m will often be led by a larger VC fund, sometimes with investment from large firms – strategic investors – that might be partners to the startup. In this session, learn what angel and early stage VCs look for in an investment opportunity and how to navigate your way through the early stage capital raising landscape.

Power of partnerships

The 17th UN Sustainable Development Goal recognizes the power and importance of partnerships to mobilize, share knowledge, expertise, technology and resources to support the achievement of a common goal. This session will explore the circular economy partnership between World’s Biggest Garage Sale and national Australian retailer Officeworks to demonstrate why the integration of creative collaborations should form a key part of an organisation’s scale-up strategy.

In particular, it will look at partnerships through the lens of building relationships between major corporate businesses and grassroots social enterprise to accelerate the circular economy and benefit local communities.

Combining innovation, sustainability and digital to transform and renew e-commerce and bricks and mortar retailing. World’s Biggest Garage Sale has been pioneering the re-commerce revolution. Renewing, repurposing and repairing products to bring them new life and maximise their value within the economy. Reducing the negative impact the demand for new products has on our finite resources.

Regional Australia opportunities

As attention turns to not only rebuilding the Australian economy but also ensuring resilience against future global shocks, what are the opportunities for regional Australia?

Join Sue Trewin, Founder of ‘This Regional Life‘, Tracy Scott-Rimington, Cluster Development Expert & Economic Developer, RDA, Julia Spicer, and Chad Renando, Founder, Startup Status, who will host a discussion on how regions attract and incubate emerging industries, how to identify which industries are best suited for regional areas and how to tap into the pandemic-instigated workforce and skills migration.

Industry 4.0 webinar

As Australia re-focuses attention on local manufacturing, gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of Industry 4.0, digital transformation and smart factory concepts to be more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

In this session, smart factory strategist and ‘evangelist’ John Broadbent will demystify Industry 4.0, highlighting a number of case studies from large and small manufacturers.

Learn why there is no better time than right now to commence your digital transformation journey.

Australia Networking COVID-19

Join Ben Kehoe, author of ‘Innovation in Australia: Creating prosperity for future generations’ to discuss what Australia’s competitive advantage will be as the world emerges from the grips of the global pandemic.

  • What do Australian emerging industries need to do to take advantage of new opportunities, the opening up of new ideas, government incentives and alternative ways of doing things?
  • How can Australian businesses improve their rates of collaboration and commercialisation of innovative ideas?
  • How do we go about ensuring inclusive prosperity, sustainable growth and collaboration that overcomes state, regional and industry silos?
Australian research sector

Are you looking to be more competitive and productive, attract investors and commercialise your products? This interactive panel discussion, led by Simon Hanson, Director SME Connect at CSIRO, will step you through how you can work with the research sector to develop innovative solutions. Exploring case studies involving manufacturing, food and agri-business and energy from around Australia, this session is as much for those at the start of their innovation journey as it is for those looking for a specific solution.

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