Using Agile to scale rapidly in an uncertain world

How To Use Agile To Scale Rapidly In An Uncertain World

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Author: Brad Jeavons

How To Use Agile To Scale Rapidly In An Uncertain World? Until recent times, we have been living in a world where survival is possible with an OK culture, OK performance and OK improvement. Since the Great Depression and World War II, we have not seen the dramatic changes and uncertainty we are now seeing. The military term VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) is becoming part of our general vocabulary. 

It is not all doom and gloom. Even during these highly disruptive world events, the great organisations achieved terrific things for their country and themselves. We see the same occur now, and the great companies are achieving amazing things for themselves, their people and the planet. How are they doing it? 

They have developed cultures of accelerating continuous improvement and innovation at all levels of their organisations, focusing on front line autonomy and servant leadership. They are connected, nimble organisations, and they can adapt quickly to customer feedback, insights from the market, and political situations……………….. they’re Agile. 

The answer is simple, roll out Agile, and everything will be apples! Unfortunately, it is not that simple (Over 50% of Agile Transformations fail), yet it is not hard. There are four steps an organisation can take to create a successful Agile transformation. 

  1. Create a pilot group of Agile/Scrum excellence. 
  2. Leverage and multiply greatness taking an I do, We do, You do approach. 
  3. Scale the program to provide alignment and support between and around the initial and future teams. 
  4. Continuously improve your leadership skills at leading Excellence where it counts. 

In the world we are in now, with the future we face, OK will not work. The excellent organisations will survive and thrive while the others will make way for them. Join me and Alex Teoh in the upcoming Future Industries Australia webinar for a deep dive into the four steps an organisation can take to transform to become truly Agile to achieve great things. 

Upcoming Webinar – Using Agile to scale rapidly in an uncertain world

Location: Your desk
Date: Friday 22 October 2021
Time: 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Pricing: FREE for Future Industries Australia Subscribers

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This session will explore the Agile approach to iterative development and how it can be used to win fast, fail fast, learn and keep going. Agile has been used by many of our most successful startup organisations over the last 20 years to achieve amazing goals.

Join Agile Scrum@Scale Practitioner and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Brad Jeavons who will explain how to apply Agile techniques to your organsiation and provide case study examples for both small and large enterprises. This session is for any business owner, organisation leader or entrepreneur who is looking for ways to build high performance teams, enhance your customer focus, increase speed of innovation and enhance the ability for your organisation to learn rapidly and grow.

From this session you will learn:

  • How to establish high performance teams using Agile.
  • How to focus your whole organisation on your ideal customers.
  • How to experiment and learn rapidly to scale or improve your organisation.

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