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Design The Horizon™ How to discover a wonderland of opportunities in chaos and uncertainty

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By Hilary Van Welter

When I look around at what is happening in myself, my family, my clients, my community, my country and in the world, I see us in this massive ‘Hallway of the In-between’. We have left one world and are in transition to another one, catapulted in many ways by the pandemic and the ongoing aftershocks of how this virus has impacted all our systems, communities and marketplaces. What we do in this ‘hallway’, amidst the breakdowns, anxiety, fear and unknowns that surround us will shape the new emerging horizon – no matter what country we are in. 

Yet, the human spirit is rising, and a radical reimagining of business is becoming a powerful vehicle for the shaping of a new horizon of a future that some are calling a renaissance (Regeneration + Renaissance).

Having been on the front lines of disruption and innovation for over four decades developing strategic change initiatives, I have learned that sometimes the simplest of tools are best for cutting through the noise and the disturbance of the old to explore where the opportunities lie. 

I have also realized that times of great change begin with a personal reflection, an opportunity to check out what has been happening in our inner world as well as tapping into the exciting changes that are arising. 

A holistic experience is being called for, so we don’t just upgrade our current reality, but take a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of a global transformation.

And so I, along with a wonderful Australian, Alex Pantea, whom I met in a Zoom chat at a Crowd Sourcing conference in September of last year, co-designed A Taste of WonderlandTM. It all began with a comment about how it felt we had ‘fallen down the rabbit’ hole in the Alice in Wonderland story in which the strange became normal and the normal strange. This story became the framework that inspires the imagination and curiosity – vital tools for shaping a ‘new world’. And this framework became the launchpad for the new collaborative initiative ‘Design the Horizon’.

This process of reimagining business begins with the Hallway of Doors, where Alice struggled to get through the doors. Our Doors help to identify the struggles in the form of cracks and breakdowns that are currently happening. These can range from the fears and doubts about our ability to cope and the impact this is having on our families; to the people, businesses and systems that have been devasted at no fault of their own. There are cycles that are ending, along with something new that is waiting to be born. These are the cracks and breakdowns that open up the breakthroughs and possibilities for the new.

The next step in the process surfaced out of Alice’s incessant crying at not being able to get through the doors which ended up causing the Pool of Tears. It is here that we explore what we are grieving and need to let go of. The grieving process is not often part of uncovering business opportunities, and yet is a critical experience of identifying what we must set free, in order to welcome the new. We have all been grieving the loss of liberties, face to face contact, and ways of life and things we felt entitled to. We have lost certainty and there are situations that are making us angry like the hypocrisy we see around us. At the same time there are circumstances that make us feel powerless. Now is the time to declare these pain points as they are vital players in the human process of business transformation. 

Once we have identified the indicators of change in the cracks and our pain points, we are ready to explore ‘what’s new’ by tapping into exciting new trends that have emerged over the past year. This is our Looking Glass, which as in Alice in Wonderland, is an alternative reality. These aren’t conceptual ideas; they are living innovations that provide a much needed ray of hope for the journey ahead.

What makes the Taste of WonderlandTM truly unique, is the next step: The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Here is where the ‘magic’ happens through the blending of ingredients from the Hall of Doors (cracks and breakdowns) The Pool of Tears (Pain points); and the Looking Glass (WOW ideas) into new concepts and opportunities. We have seen new product ideas, new business ideas, along with innovative financing, resourcing and funding models. New forms of business and services have emerged that are truly rising to the challenges we face. These opportunities are grounded in the changes we want to bring yet inspired by imagination. Underlying these new concepts is a new paradigm of business that is emerging.

Past participants have told us how much they enjoyed the time out to get in touch with their conscious / unconscious thoughts in unconventional ways, along with the connectivity with others’ experiences of this disruptive time and knowing they’re not alone. 

The sense of endless possibilities was also a welcomed realization at a time when we often feel powerless and constrained by limitations. Participants have left the process reinvigorated along with approaches that can be implemented immediately as well as seeds of new ideas to be cultivated and grown.

It has been surprising how a well-loved theme of Alice in Wonderland is relevant to business transformation. And yet as the Queen says to Alice ‘Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

We would love for you to join us on this new adventure to Design the Horizon, to discover a wonderland of opportunities in chaos and uncertainty.

BONUS MASTERCLASS | A Taste of Wonderland: Discovering business opportunities in chaos and uncertainty

Brought to you by Future Industries Australia in partnership with Design the Horizon Business Programs

Friday 3 September 2021 | 8.30am – 11.00am AEST | Cost $99 including GST

Register here

More than a year ago, the world fundamentally changed, and the future, as we knew it, went out of view. We are now in a long period of profound transformation that has only just begun to show itself in terms of impact. As our world is getting ready to emerge from a global pause, the massive cracks and chasms in our current socio-economic and political systems are being revealed.

At the same time the uncertainty and unknown are opening doors to new possibilities unimaginable before the pandemic. As the strange becomes familiar and the familiar strange, a radical reimagining of business is ready to emerge. This session allows you to safely fall down the proverbial rabbit hole to explore a new land of wonder and possibilities.

This ‘taste’ offers a series of experiences, based on Alice in Wonderland, to get a sense of the rapidly changing landscapes and where exciting new possibilities exist.

This is a simple interdisciplinary creative process that offers new conversations, epiphanies, relationships and ways forward for radical change, with reimagined business leading the way. The three key takeaways from this unique experience facilitated by International speaker Hilary Van Welter are;

  • Understanding new global trends
  • What these trends mean to you and your business
  • How to leverage opportunities through innovation as we emerge from a changed market

Benefits are:

  • To emerge from Wonderland with a new perspective of global opportunities for your business
  • Gaining a global perspective of how the world economy has been disrupted and is creating opportunities for innovative businesses
  • Hands on research into the changing dynamics of the world and the role business can play in this transformation
  • The wisdom of the collective insights, innovation and a feeling of comradery and being in this sea of change together. New approaches that can be implemented immediately as well as cultivated for the future

PLUS Attendees will receive a free Product Launch Diagnostic Evaluation Session

Who should attend?

CEO’s, Operations Managers, CTO’s of medium size businesses, industry agnostic, located in Australia with strong entrepreneurial leadership ambitions, Entrepreneurial types.

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