Australia has been a nation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and a global leader in critical fields, including clinical medicine, technology, etc. At Future Industries Australia, we proudly promote the telling and celebration of these Australian innovation and leadership stories to encourage a more sustainable future.

About Australian Innovation

With tech-savvy and skilled talent, Australia attracts enterprises around the world and contributes to the global innovation. We are the pioneers in several areas of health and life sciences. Australian universities are renowned globally and produce world-leading talent.

With such as a rich history in innovation and leadership, we still are too much dependent on other countries for goods and services. Future Industries Australia understands the need to address this lack of economic complexity in Australia, which is impediment in its growth and security.

How Can Future Industries Australia Help?

Future Industries Australia is a single platform that aims to bring all high growth industries together to work towards economic recovery. It is a cross-sector platform that offers education, connection, and collaboration opportunities without any political and geographic barriers.

Future Industries Australia: Celebrating Australian Innovation

As a team, we celebrate the stories of Australian innovation and leadership via our webinars and networking events. We also encourage professional development of Australia’s emerging industries that play a significant role in the nation’s overall growth.

What We Are Trying To Overcome

As Australia’s simple economy has gained spotlight in the wake of the 2020 pandemic, we are trying to bring all the high growth industries of the country together to contribute to the economy. We want to overcome:

  • The issues in attracting new investment opportunities.
  • Australia’s geographical and political barriers.
  • Expand collaboration opportunities between industries and research organizations.
  • Lack of national direction for the emerging industries.

What We Do

We work as a team to bring together people for transformational growth within the industries. We conduct virtual meetings, networking events, webinars, and masterclasses to provide education, connection, and collaboration opportunities to Australia’s future industries.

As subscribers, you get direct access to our speakers, investors, thought leaders, and peers to share knowledge and experiences to frame a strong business growth strategy. You also get an opportunity to promote your brand to a targeted audience via multiple channels.

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